Coping with Anxiety the holistic way

get things done

Basically I’m talking about the things that have to be done in every adult human being’s life. Papers, household, and so on. If it drives you crazy at 3am, that you haven’t done your taxes yet, take a few hours and do them. If you think about your dishes and your dirty kitchen, go do it before bed. You will wake up thinking about starting the day in a welcoming, beautiful environment.

a tidy environment walks hand in hand with a tidy mind

something that works so incredibly well for me. I’ve never been a tidy person or a clean freak and sometimes it’s a real struggle BUT I always feel better in a tidy, clean & beautiful environment

keep a journal

Very often in moments where the brain is messing with you the hardest, it feels like there’s not one single person in this world who truly understands what’s going on inside. In these times (especially at this horrible, cursed hour of 3am), treat a journal like a person. It takes everything in. It does not judge. It’s always there.

spend time outside

I know it’s easier said than done but in the end, it’s a good habit that can be practiced. It’s like a muscle. Getting stronger by using it. The more you charge your mind with positivity and peace, the stronger it gets coping with the bad moments.

avoid unhealthy people

as cruel as it sounds, some people are like poison. Some people may be better at coping with this kind but for me as a highly sensitive human being it’s very draining to have poisonous people in my environment, so if they are immune to positive energy, I try to avoid them as much as possible.

Funny how while sitting outside, writing my post on my phone, I actually had a conversation with a woman I did not know – about what I just wrote – every point of it.

I just had the best few hours  in a very VERY long time ♥

2 thoughts on “Coping with Anxiety the holistic way

  1. Great tips! It often goes back to the little habits, but they can be surprisingly easy to lose sight of. Glad to hear of the serendipitous interaction you had with that stranger and of the energy it seemed to energize you with. Wishing you the best over here from Canada 🙂 PS I know you had mentioned in another post that English is a challenge for you but I just wanted to give feedback on that and say I wouldn’t have have ever guessed that! You write very well.

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