Mushrooms in the Morning

I probably had the most terrible moment walking into my living room this morning. One of my plant pots had sprouted some very ugly mushrooms over night… with abot 20cm stems and small fringy grey-ish matte heads that kept wobbling around when I took the whole pot outside and into the compost bin. Wish me luck, I don’t have to buy new soil because I repotted all my plants from the same big bag only recently.

Now I really need that first pot of coffee. The 500ml one. And hoping that beginning of a stress migraine leaves me alone again.

2 thoughts on “Mushrooms in the Morning

    1. I’m glad There were no plants in that particular pot because I decided to put them in water again for a while until they grow some roots – and left the pot with soil next to it, to put it back in there.
      I own a spider plant, Epipremnum, pachira aquatica (the one I took from the pot again, a branch I saved after the rest died from being braided like they often are), Anthurium (the one from my header), and then a young succulent from my best friend I’m trying to grow and a pitcher plant I’m not sure is still alive but there’s still green on it so I’m not giving up yet 😂 last winter has been long and I worked a lot and kind of lost my green thumb a little -_-

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