The art of doing nothing

Yes, I’ve already abandoned this blog again

(Shame on me XD). But this week has been so stuffed with workdays, continuing my spring cleaning and a night of two hours of sleep after I’d seen Avengers Infinity War on wednesday midnight (Guys, go watch it, I seriously haven’t enjoyed CGI & 3D that much since Avatar).


Let’s start from the beginning. Wednesday Morning, 6am. After I had walked around a mile from my friend’s house, where I slept, to the train station, I realized, that 6:33 train I took on a daily basis for many years… did not exist anymore. So I went into town in search for some coffee and breakfast. And had the most wonderful hour in a very long time strolling around the french medieval town centre with a coffee and two chocolate croissants. I took some photos with my Minox I had with me on wednesday and will share it as soon as the film is finished and developed.

Talking about Cameras

being the Photography / Camera Nerd I am, yesterday I really missed my beloved 50mm Lens all of a sudden and dug out my good old Nikon that’s been laying around bareley touched since 2016 when I got my Sony RX100 as a smaller & lighter second cam (and which became my first & preferred cam from the start haha)


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